Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Scripture

Alma 41:15

I've been searching for a new scripture to examine this six months (I choose one out at General Conference time).  I've been reading the scriptures almost every day, and loving them, but I really love to explore one scripture at at time. 

The last on I chose was Alma 37:36-37.  (See previously on my blog.)

I am short on time today, but Alma 41 is all about the resurrection and the judgement.  And it has really made me think this morning.  Here is the part of the scripture I want to examine:

 15 For that which ye do asend out shall return unto you again, and be restored...

This stands out to me as a thought on how to live.  I want to examine in my own life:

*What do I "send out" to the world?* 

I decided this week to do something everyday to show each member of my family that I love them.  My four-year-old is easy.  He woke up yesterday and the first words out of his mouth to me were "I love you."  We cuddle a lot.  
(Before you get a false idea about the situation, this morning he passed right by me without an acknowledgement of my good morning and went right down stairs! ;) But that's just him, very focused.) 

But the others are not as cuddly.  It would be weird to hold my 13 year old on my lap and cuddle her.  So I have to find other ways.  So I am searching and trying each day to let them know I love them in different ways.

I've got to run now.  My son needs the sink cleaner. ;) 

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